Meanwhile in the year 2000

With a X


Presented as a parody of Apple's famous "switch" ads, only with a relevant twist.

"With a X"  was produced in 3 days using 3D Studio Max R5 and Character Studio for the 3d (obviously), Magpie Pro for the lip sync, After Effects for Zooms and image tweaking and the final edits were done in Premier.  

I did the dialog using's MP3-audio-mixer and yes that my voice.

The end results are not perfect but I wasn't going for perfect - I was just having "fun" plus  I needed to shake down some new software and decided this was as good as any way to go about it. 

R2- After reviewing the audio sync, I noticed that the dialog track in the original release was off by 3 frames. It was an easy fix that I felt improved the results.  Hey, that's how it goes sometimes.

Hope you enjoy it.