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A parody of Apple's famous "switch" ads, only with a relevant twist.

First field test of the dph Paintball "Combat Cam"
02-02-02 @  Paintball Jungle

This is just a rough edit in AE. I should be doing a new "tighter" edit using Premier later.

Real Video movie file

(right click to download and save locally)

Music by the hot and sexy folks at 

Fryday (out)
I'm not yet sure who the *author of the audio for this animation is as it came to me as an email attachment, but I loved it so much I had to "visualize" it.  The result is a little stop motion, a little CGI, plus one funny audio track.

*There's a rumor that Mark and Brian of KLOS may have made this audio, but when I contacted them they wouldn't take responsibility for it, so the quest to find the author(s) continues. If by chance you know who created the audio, please contact me, thanks.

SORRY - This is no longer available because ChevronTexaco has demanded the removal. The reason; because it used one of their cars without their permission.  I then attempted to get permission but they were uncooperative.  I will redo the animation using some other vehicle in the near future.  

Video Rocketry -

Want to see the view from above? Interested in Sport Rocketry? Want to see a great way to waste money? Stop by our "family" site.



Cowfeld - This is what happens when happy cows watch too much Sienfeld.



No job + a decent  cash reserve = ROAD TRIP!!! 

We headed off to research first hand the events that happened in Roswell, with our guide Schwa.


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